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Relaxing Hammock

Maha Amin Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapist (CERT HYP CS), BA (HONS), MA
East London & Mayfair


It is time for change

Boost your confidence, achieve your targets, be true to yourself and develop positive habits for a calmer and a more fulfilling life.

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Tel: 07511412715

About Me



Hello, my name is Maha Amin. I am a qualified hypnotherapist and a member of the

National Hypnotherapy Society and have a 

certificate in 

NLP  and coaching . 


I am passionate about helping people

make positive

changes to their lives .  

I provide a caring,

positive and safe environment

in which I help my

clients retake control

of their lives.  

I have worked with and helped clients

achieve their targets of improving different

aspects of their lives. 

I work both face to face

and online.

   What to expect?


You will be in a

welcoming, comfortable,


safe environment,

where you can freely talk about your concerns. 

We will work together to  make positive changes

to your life.   

I will work with you on creating new thinking patterns and habits. 

This will have a positive impact on your life.  

My aim is to help you find

your inner calm, reduce 

inner conflict and have positive healthy





What is hypnotherapy? 

Hypnotherapy is a

normal state of total

focused relaxation, which allows

your thoughts to shift 

from your day to day  life

to your innermost

thoughts and your subconscious.  This

allows the therapist

to talk to your

subconscious allowing

you to

re-write your story in a positive way. 

Our behaviour patterns

are created during our childhood.  As we repeat them through our lives,

they become normal

to us. 

With time, we find it

difficult to change these habits, but in fact, we

CAN change

these habits by reprogramming our subconscious.

During hypnosis, you are always

in are just

using your mind in

a different way.  With hypnosis, you are

changing your thinking

and  behaviour patterns. You are re-training

your brain to make

positive changes to your present and future.   

So, let's take control!

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Pink Flower

"People do not

come into therapy

to change their past, but to change their future."


Milton Erickson


I work with: 


Anxieties, stress management, low self-esteem. developing confidence, disturbed sleep, guided meditation and relaxation techniques. 


Weight Management

Checking Weight

Stopping Smoking

Woman Holding Cigarette


 My sessions are either face to face in a comfortable, and safe therapy room or online.   



1 session (50 minutes):  Online: £60 - In person: £ 80

10 % Discount: 6 session package, (paid in advance):  Online £324 - In person: £432

A one-off session for smoking - 2 1/2 hours: Online: £150 - In person: £200

Discounts for students + Discretionary discounts available



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"Maha has been a knowledgeable, caring and professional therapist.  Her method really helped my anxiety and low self-esteem.  Would recommend to anyone struggling with these!"



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